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A Chance To Win An InstaPal (Universal) Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

A Chance To Win An InstaPal (Universal) Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

April 25, 2011
AppAdvice has teamed up with Banzai Labs in order to offer you a chance to win one of 20 promo codes for InstaPal ($.99) for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. InstaPal is a wacky entertainment app that is able to your photos into animated talking characters that repeat what you say in different voices. The animation process begins with importing a photo from your library or taking a new one using your iDevice's built-in camera. You can then move and scale your photo to focus on the face of your subject. After your subject is all framed up, tapping the orange edit button will allow you to choose from the four included mouth shapes. All of the mouth shapes feature circular handles that allow you to adjust where your image breaks to create the mouth animation. With your mouth all set up, the last step is to choose one of the three voice modifiers. You can then speak into your iDevice and watch your photo come to life with a hilarious new voice. It's that simple. InstaPal's amusing mouth animations are reminiscent to South Park's, which is great if you have always wanted to create your own characters. InstaPal's only real shortcoming is that you are currently unable to record animations, but hopefully it will be an option in the future. To have a chance at winning one of five InstaPal promo codes, simply hit that blue tweet button near the bottom of this page or retweet this post from your favorite Twitter app before 11:59 PM PDT tonight (April 25th). We will then search the Twitterverse for all of the retweets and randomly choose our lucky winners. The winners will be notified via Twitter, so please be sure to follow us so we can send you your promo code via a direct message. Non-Twitter users and those of you who want to increase your odds of winning can simply leave a relevant comment below before 11:59 PM PDT tonight to have a chance at winning one of the other 15 promo codes. Feel free to participate in the giveaway via either or both methods. Only one entry per person per method is allowed, totaling up to two entries per person if using both.

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