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Criticized Color App Receives Update, But Is It Any Better?

Criticized Color App Receives Update, But Is It Any Better?

April 3, 2011
The critically panned Color app for the iPhone/iPod touch has received an update. The photo-sharing app now includes improved navigation, updated icons, among other changes. But, will it be enough to quiet its critics? Released just days ago, Color uses a patent-pending technology called Multi-lens that makes it easy to share and group photos taken next to you.  If a person next to you (even a stranger) has Color installed on their smart phone and you are both taking photos or video, you will automatically share the created content. All of the photos and videos taken reside in your Visual Diary, which is stored according to the day each was taken. It is here you can review a thread containing all comments, likes, and people involved. Unfortunately, the app has been plague by bad press almost from the moment it was released. Unofficial reasons for this include: an apparent backlash caused by news the app is backed by $41 million in venture capital, to an obvious flaw discovered using a simple jailbreak. The new update, version 1.0.2, includes some improvements that could quiet some of the naysayers. Users can now delete photos and videos easier, simply by expanding each and hitting the "Delete" icon. In addition, it is simpler to control what you see from other users. You can also delete certain Color users altogether from your photo/video stream by clicking on the profile of the person you would like to block and hitting “Hide.” Blocking a user means neither will see the other's content. Other improvements include:
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Easier to delete your photos and videos
  • iPhone 3G/3GS improvements
  • Choose profile picture from camera roll
  • Now in Japanese, French, and Chinese
Color isn't a bad app. In fact, in time it could become a worthy competitor in the ever-growing photo sharing app market. Unfortunately, when it was released bad press and a general public that didn’t quite understand the concept behind it doomed it, at least in the short-term. While the update itself won’t take away those initial assessments, it is a step in the right direction. If anything, it proves that $41 million leads to almost immediate updates, which could be good news. The free Color app is available in the App Store.

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