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Frienemy - Really Guys?

Frienemy - Really Guys?

April 15, 2011
Some people are obsessed about their Facebook status. I'm not talking about the quicky statements that people pop in every few hours. Don't get me wrong, there are some people who compulsively update those as well, but I'm a little more concerned about those who obsess over things such as how many friends they have or how many groups they belong to. There are people who feel genuine concern if they don't have a few friend invites over the course of a week. Then, there are the rest of us who just think Facebook is a cool site to keep up with friends through. Sure, it's nice to always see that little icon light up because someone wants to friend us, but it's not majorly disappointing when it doesn't happen. Heck, if someone wants to friend us, and we don't particularly like them, we can always accept the offer and then delete them later on when we think they've lost interest in us. There's at least that little bit of privacy that when they see their number of friends going down, unless they remember each and every person on the list, they might never know it was you. You might be able to fly under the radar. Well, we can kiss those days of privacy goodbye. Thanks to the new app Frienemy, people can find out who dropped them from their friend list. It's a Facebook stalker's dream come true. You can keep tabs on exactly who “accidentally” bumps you off the list. You can even stick them in their own little category of "Frienemies" and watch it grow over time. How it works is through a link between your phone and Facebook. When you allow Facebook to connect to the app, it loads your friend list. Then, whenever you open the app, it pulls your current Facebook friend list and makes a comparison to the original list. Anyone not on the list is brought to your attention. Tada! Instant self-consciousness, socially awkward situations at work or school, and mistrust. I think I'd prefer to be blissfully unaware about who keeps me as a friend on Facebook. Frienemy is available on the Apple App Store for $0.99

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