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Apple’s Weekend Surprise Revealed?

Apple’s Weekend Surprise Revealed?

May 20, 2011
With the tenth anniversary of Apple Retail Stores over, we now wait for the party expected this weekend. In addition to revealing its Apple Store 2.0 concept, Apple might also throw us another bone in the form of OS X Lion, according to 9 To 5 Mac. Officially unveiled at last year’s “Back to the Mac” event, the seventh update of Apple’s OS X platform was expected to hit at WWDC in June, and it still might. However, it might also be coming to Apple Retail Stores this Sunday. Accordingly:
The “gigs of data” for sunday, as far as I can tell from the general consensus around the store and some of my contacts is that we will infact be downloading OS X Lion images and installing on all FOH machines for a Sunday launch. Nothing else fits since all other visual content has already been pulled from the apple servers that we gather content from. Lion is the mutual feeling around the store, even from managers. Speaking of managers, they have been given a general idea about what is happening, but full details will be revealed to them on friday evening. (sic)
Of course, just because Lion arrives at Apple Retail Stores doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be able to purchase it. If we can, OS X Lion would be available as a download in the Mac App Store. In other Apple Store 2.0 news, The Daily Download iPad app has been revealed. Used by Apple Retail Store employees, the “newspaper for employees’” app went online on Monday. The app includes: RetailMe, Apple Connect, Apple Directory, Concierge, the Easy Pay application, Mobile Genius and iRepair. Take a look: Normally, weekends are slow in the tech world. However, it’s clear Apple will be making some sort of news this weekend. Stay tuned. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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