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Halftone Updated To 1.5, We've Got Promos For The Winning

Halftone Updated To 1.5, We've Got Promos For The Winning

May 19, 2011
Halftone, the awesome life-to-comics photography app from the pros at Juicy Bits, was updated to 1.5 over the weekend (as previewed last week). To celebrate, the developer is letting us give away five free copies to our loyal readers. Before that, though, let me fill you in with a little list on what's new with this version:
  • New stamp feature with 21 stamps, including BLAM!, Arrrggh!, and others
  • Ability to customize stamp colors
  • Two new licensed fonts, Alter Ego, and Billy the Flying Robot (user request)
  • New fonts include European characters (big user request)
  • Added TwitPic option for image upload (user request)
  • Completely new halftone generation engine
  • Improved "pucker" (pointy) balloon shape
  • New dot gain setting (user request for halftone geeks)
  • Added ability to choose a smaller dot size (user request)
  • Added instruction screens for first-time feature use
  • Ability to reset to original settings
  • Various stability and performance improvements
I've put the revision through its paces, and it really is a stellar upgrade from the previous iteration. The stamps are a lot of fun, and the new options add more versatility for serious tweakers. If all this didn't warrant a number jump to 2.0, I can only imagine how huge that version's going to be. And, yes, an iPad version is in the works! Buy Halftone in iTunes for $0.99, or win it below. You know what to do. Update: One more day, folks! I'll cut off entries tomorrow night at 9:00 PM Eastern (-4:00 GMT).

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