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Don't Forget - We'll Be Covering Today's WWDC Keynote Live

Don't Forget - We'll Be Covering Today's WWDC Keynote Live

June 5, 2011
This morning, Steve Jobs and his team will announce iOS 5 and iCloud. And your favorite iOS news resource - AppAdvice, of course! - will be covering the event live, over at That's right, AppAdvice will be at WWDC - we have an entire team on site, and inside the room. And at our live blog, we'll have a live transcript of the keynote presentation, along with plenty of pictures. Furthermore, we'll be continually updating the website with every iOS-related announcement as and when it's made. Here are the details:

At nine a.m. Pacific (that's 11 a.m. Central12 p.m. Easternfour p.m. GMT and five p.m. UK) our live blog coverage will begin. Here, we'll be outlining all of the iOS and iCloud related rumors we've heard so far, and providing readers with some general pre-WWDC discussion.

Then, at 10 a.m. Pacific (that's 12 p.m. Central, one p.m. Easternfive p.m. GMT and six p.m. UK) Apple's WWDC keynote presentation will begin. Here, our live blog coverage will consist of a transcript of the event (along with images), and we'll be posting the news as it happens to the main website.

Following the keynote, we'll be updating our articles with even more WWDC keynote news, as more information gradually becomes available.

Exciting, right? If you just can't wait until this morning, pass the time by reading through our Web resource rumor roundups, which outline every iOS 5 (and iPhone 5) related rumor we've covered so far. We've included the links below. Here's the link to the AppAdvice Live Blog: And here are the links to our Web resources: The AppAdvice iOS 5 Web Resource and The AppAdvice iPhone 5 Web Resource. Don't forget, you can also keep up to date with today's news on the go with our AppAdvice app. As you can see in the above image, we stream the live blog inside the app, which means you can keep up with today's events as they happen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch!

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