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New iOS 5 Camera Features Don't Extend To iPhone 3GS

New iOS 5 Camera Features Don't Extend To iPhone 3GS

June 7, 2011
Here’s a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement iOS 5 will work with the iPhone 3GS.  Currently Apple has provided no information on whether this is full support or some sort of partial support. In other words, which features won’t work with the handset. Now we know, thanks to 9 To 5 Mac. Notification Center, Twitter integration, and Newsstand work as expected via iOS 5 on the iPhone 3GS. However, the new iOS 5 camera features are not all supported. Specifically, image editing is not available (including red eye removal, cropping and magic wand). Other than that, iPhone 3GS owners will essentially get the same features as iPhone 4 owners, at least in terms of iOS 5 beta. Keep in mind: iOS 5 is not yet a completed product. As such, some features may be dropped or altered. Therefore, specific iPhone 3GS limitations won't be known until the final iOS 5 release. Check out this video:

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