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Here's Another iOS 5 Concept Video To Get You Excited For WWDC

June 4, 2011
Another interesting iOS 5 concept has hit the Web, which outlines two ideas Jan Michael-Cart calls "dynamic icons" and "app previews." While the majority of Jan Michael-Cart's imaginative iOS 5 concepts will likely never burst forth into reality, we still love sharing them with you - especially during the build-up to the biggest Apple event of the year. This latest concept outlines "dynamic icons," which change to reflect the status of iOS applications, and "app previews" - zoomed in app icons, which literally give users a preview of the app. They're definitely interesting concepts, though to be honest I'd be more than happy with just an improved notification system. Regardless, we'll find out everything iOS 5 has to offer this Monday, when Apple's keynote presentation kicks-off. Here's the video, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[via RazorianFly]

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