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Get #Lost (In Space)

Get #Lost (In Space)

June 13, 2011
#Lost by Five Lakes Studio, LLC icon

#Lost (Free) by Five Lakes Studio, LLC is a spaceship puzzle game where planets are mixed in a grid of round directional arrows.

Your goal is to set your spaceship on a path that will require that you visit each planet. The ships will automatically move once you place them on a directional arrow, making a "pew-pew-pew" sound as they go. Sending your ship on a path that makes it leave the grid will result in losing one of your five lives and shifting a column of the grid in a Bejeweled-like fashion.

#Lost by Five Lakes Studio, LLC screenshot

Clever-minded folks who think like Yoda may strategically scan the optional paths available to use as few lives as possible to visit each planet. There is no time limit imposed during play.

However, I take more of the Luke Skywalker approach ("you are reckless”), sending one ship after the other in hopes that it will visit a planet. The only penalty for zipping through your five lives is that you must continue the level where you left off, though your points are reduced back to zero.

Overall, the graphics are simplistic, starting from a side-scrolling cut scene with animated subtitles, to the actual gameplay, which looks like a typical arcade game. But, the true fun in the game is watching the spaceships zip around on their own. For free, #Lost is a decent puzzle game that can involve as little or as much thought as the player would like to put into it.

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