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Quirky App Of The Day: Say It! Albert Genius

Quirky App Of The Day: Say It! Albert Genius

June 16, 2011
Say It! Albert Genius is a great app for kids who are learning to read. The app comes with ten fairy tales that a mini bobble-head Albert Einstein reads out loud. Should the mood take you, you can actually write up your own stories for Albert to read. I wrote a story that has both statements, questions, and an exclamation mark. The app didn't really differentiate among the three of them, but there were variations enough to sound entertaining, rather than a flat, robotic voice. Remember See and Say from the seventies? Or for those of us who weren't even a distant thought, let alone born durning the seventies, there was always ET. Well, Say It! Albert Genius is a bit more advanced than that. It sounds much better actually. There's also the option to choose from seven different accents and voice options. There are American, British, and Australian accents and monster, robot, and smurf voices. You can also determine how fast Albert talks. I thought it would be a higher pitch, but it controls how fast Albert moves through the text. Some of the stories that Say It! Albert Genius reads are The Princess and the Pea, The Story of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Sleeping Beauty. These are only a few of them. The coolest thing was being able to write messages for the kids with their names in it. They thought it was pretty much magic. Check out Say It! Albert Genius is available at iTunes for $2.99 and has an iPad app as well.

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