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Feed The Hungribles And Keep Them Happy

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Hungribles ($1.99) by Futuremark Games Studio is a cute and challenging slingshot puzzle game for your iPhone and iPad.

What are Hungribles, you ask? They are tiny little creatures (adorable, might I add) with huge appetites. Their hunger is unlike anything you've ever seen before -- it's so powerful that these small creatures can pull food through the air and into their mouths.

Hungribles by Futuremark Games Studio screenshot

Hungribles is a puzzle game in which you must use the mushroom slingshot to fling tasty orbs to these creatures. There are three worlds to go through with 10 levels in each, as well as five challenge levels. There are seven different types of Hungribles to feed, and each have their own unique characteristic. For example, there's a turtle-like creature that requires two orbs before he goes into his shell, and then you can use the shell to bounce orbs off of him. Another one will take an orb and split it in half and shoot these halves from his "booga-nozzles" to share with others.

As you pull the slingshot back, there is a rainbow guide that will show you the trajectory of the orb once you release it. Each Hungrible will also have a pulsating circle around them -- think of this as their gravitational pull. When the orb goes in to this area, it will end up being curved instead of following a straight path.

Once you progress through levels, you will encounter obstacles that add a good challenge to the game. With bricks that get in your way, you'll have to use physics and bounce the orbs off these surfaces to reach the mouths of your Hungribles.

Each level will have a certain amount of tasty orbs for you to feed to the Hungribles. Pots of gold orbs will be stashed on levels too, which will score you more points. Points are obtained whenever your orb hits something, and the less orbs you use, the more points you get (think Angry Birds).

Hungribles by Futuremark Games Studio screenshot

Depending on your score, you will also get stars. You will get at least one star, and up to the maximum of three stars. These stars are used to gauge how well you do, but they will also unlock the bonus Challenge levels. There are 15 of these Challenge levels to unlock.

The sounds are catchy, and the graphics are adorable (which are hand-drawn, a nice touch). Currently, with only 30 story levels and 15 challenges, the game can be pretty short, despite being challenging. However, the developers seem to be working on bringing you more levels, so there's something to look forward to.

If you're a fan of slingshot puzzle games on your iPhone, then definitely give Hungribles a try. Don't you want to make those cute creatures happy? You know you do!

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Feed The Hungribles And Keep Them Happy

Feed The Hungribles And Keep Them Happy