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Another New Leak Suggests An iPhone 4S Is Coming

Another New Leak Suggests An iPhone 4S Is Coming

August 29, 2011
We’ve received further indication that Apple is about to release a cheaper version of its popular iPhone, the so-called iPhone 4S. This news comes from Engadget, which reports that a phototype of the alleged handset has been leaked. Last Friday, it was reported that “iPhone 4S” cases had turned up that suggests a handset very much like the one that is currently being sold under the iPhone 4 name. This one, however, includes a tweaked antenna design. Today, new photos once again point to an iPhone 4S. If genuine, these photos suggest Apple will release an iPhone 4S alongside an iPhone 5, when the handset is refreshed sometime soon. Accordingly, the only difference between the actual iPhone 4 and purported iPhone 4S is:
is the funny dot right next to the sensor location above the earpiece -- the dotted pattern is very much like that used by the microphone and the webcam LED indicator on Mac computers, but obviously the latter is more likely the case here.
Obviously, Apple has not verified any of these photos, nor do we expect them to. The next-generation iPhone should arrive sometime in September or October, according to unnamed sources.

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