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Apple Said To Be Working On Remote Repair Service For iDevices

Apple Said To Be Working On Remote Repair Service For iDevices

September 6, 2011
Have a problem with your iDevice? In the near future, problems will your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad could be resolved simply by clicking on a link in an email, according to 9 To 5 Mac. Apple is said to be working on an iOS Diagnostics tool that can be used by anyone having a problem with their iPhone or iPad. In simple terms, the service only requires a customer’s permission for Apple to remotely scan the iDevice. For this to happen, a user will initiate a support request via a website. Once permission is granted, Apple scan the iDevice. The information obtain includes “insight into usage patterns, battery functions, temperature warnings, memory usage, application issues, and more.” Based on the report that is generated, Apple can make immediate recommendations on resolving the issues. According to 9 To 5 Mac, Apple summarizes the benefits for both the customer and the technician as:
There has never been an easier way for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users to give service providers the information they need to troubleshoot and diagnose iOS devices effectively. Users benefit from a faster and more accurate diagnosis. The in-depth information that iOS Diagnostics retrieves can be invaluable to technician’s troubleshooting efforts.
Take a look at this screenshot: Currently, a similar system is used through Apple Store Genius Bars. Of course, what’s nice about the new program is the customer will never actually have to leave their current location to gain support. Best of all, this new service is expected to go online in the next few months.

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