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Can Windows 8 Compete With iOS 5 ? See For Yourself

Can Windows 8 Compete With iOS 5 ? See For Yourself

September 15, 2011
Just days after Microsoft revealed the tablet version of its upcoming Windows 8, we’ve gotten our first look at the operating system as it compares to an iPad, by way of a video from WinRumors. During the 11-minute clip, which we’ve included here, the site compares a number of different scenarios in Windows 8 to those of an Apple iPad running iOS 5 beta 7. Unfortunately, because the developer preview version of Windows 8 is very much a work in progress, the comparison is preliminary, at best. After all, most of the applications in Windows 8 don't even work at this point. Still, we find the video very interesting. Take a look:

Earlier this week, we offered our own initial opinions of Windows 8 and suggested five ways Apple could learn from Microsoft. It will be interesting to see how Windows 8 develops and how important its entry will be on the emerging tablet market. Microsoft’s next-generation OS is expected to be released to the public sometime in late 2012.

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