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September 16, 2011 by App Sandwich Limited icon ($3.99) by App Sandwich Limited matches your songs to your current mood.

Feeling a little down? Try a “very downbeat” playlist. Want to rock hard? “Very intense” should do it. The app first scans your music library and analyzes what songs would work with which moods. by App Sandwich Limited screenshot

Select the playlists button (a cassette “mix tape”) and then the fun begins. An orange concentric circle can be moved toward the different moods outside of the circle. Your mood selections include: chilled, downbeat, intense, and upbeat. Every other gradation between the moods is available as well.

The playlist will build in a few seconds once you’ve selected your mood.

This app does a really good job of matching your songs to your selected mood, though it’s not set in stone. You can edit the playlist to remove songs that either don’t match your mood or you don’t want anyone else accidentally hearing. While playing a song, you can select the mood you think it actually represents and the app will consider that for next time.

The icons representing facial expressions are hard to decipher though. The “very downbeat, with a hint of intensity” face looks more sad than it should and isn’t very different than “very intense.” At least the menu bar above shows which mood is selected, rather than trying to guess which it is.

While this app’s main goal is to play music you want to hear at a specific moment, the interface looks like it could use a little more polish. It looks flat and Halloween-like with the black and orange color scheme. Though I guess this really wouldn’t be an issue if you’re just running it in the background.

Overall, it’s hard not to like this app. It pulls all the songs from your own iTunes library and does a good job of matching them to your mood. I was much more impressed with how this app created playlists I liked, compared to Genius in iTunes.

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