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Quirky App Of The Day: Creepy Critter Camera

Quirky App Of The Day: Creepy Critter Camera

September 28, 2011
Since Halloween is around the corner, here is a great Halloween app for kids. Creepy Critter Camera is a way for kids to decorate their pictures with fun crawly creatures. My kids like having their picture taken, and they love it even more when there is a fun way to enhance the photo. I also have family that lives across the country, and they don't see my kids much. They like getting these pictures for fun, silly holiday updates as well. It helps them feel involved and important.

Yucky bugs.

I've mentioned previously that an awesome feature of these types of apps is that the other person doesn't have to have the app installed in order to enjoy the fun. They don't have to have an iDevice either. As long as they at least have email, they can enjoy these cute pictures. You can also upload them to Twitter or Facebook for more friends and family. I have a lot of friends that I keep up with who also have kids, and we post pictures of our kids to help keep each other updated about life. There's little that makes you feel so old as watching your friend's kids grow up.

The developers at Milk Drinking Cow have also posted a video on how to use the app right here. Creepy Critter Camera is an iPhone application that is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE![gallery]

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