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The Story On The Missing iPhone 5 Getting Stranger By The Hour [Another Update]

The Story On The Missing iPhone 5 Getting Stranger By The Hour [Another Update]

September 2, 2011
The story about the missing iPhone 5 keeps getting stranger. Just hours after SFWeekly claimed CNET’s original story was false or at least suspect, a follow-up report has been filed that changes the story (again) completely. According to the new SFWeekly report, an iPhone 5 did go missing in July at a San Francisco bar. However, it wasn’t the San Francisco Police Department that were called to investigate. Rather, it was Apple personnel posing as SFPD officials. Crazier still, Apple’s lead “investigator” is actually a former SFPD officer by the name of Anthony Colon. Update: A new update by SFWeekly now confirms the following:
Contradicting past statements that no records exist of police involvement in the search for the lost prototype, San Francisco Police Department spokesman Lt. Troy Dangerfield now tells SF Weekly that "three or four" SFPD officers accompanied two Apple security officials in an unusual search of a Bernal Heights man's home.
SFWeekly spoke to Sergio Calderón, 22, of Bernal Heights, who believes his was the home referred to in the CNET article.
As the visitors left, one of them -- a man named "Tony" -- gave Calderón his phone number and asked him to call if he had further information about the lost phone. Calderón shared the man's phone number with SF Weekly. The phone was answered by Anthony Colon, who confirmed to us he is an employee of Apple but declined to comment further. According to a public profile on the website LinkedIn, Colon, a former San Jose Police sergeant, is employed as a "senior investigator" at Apple.
Not surprisingly, Colon’s LinkedIn profile has already been taken down. Luckily, SFWeekly kept a copy: Rumors continue to point to a September/October release of Apple’s next handset. Therefore, hopefully these and other iPhone 5 rumors will soon end. In the meantime, we will keep you updated on this changing story…

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