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Famous JailBreakMe.Com Website Is No More

October 7, 2011
MuscleNerd, a member of the iPhone Dev Team, has announced via Twitter that is no more. The site was sold by its owner, according to CydiaHelp. But, no worries jail breakers, as you can now visit was where Comex, a.k.a. Nicholas Allegra posted his famous iOS jailbreaks. However, he never actually owned the website. Now, with Allegra an Apple employee, the site’s owner (@ConceitedApps) decided to make a few bucks and sell the domain. Today, Steve Job’s famous black and white photo is all that is shown on the website. But, again no worries. Jailbreakers are now asked to head to Enjoy! Note - If you're interested, there is quite a discussion going on today on Twitter between MuscleNerd and ConceitedApps over the latter's decision to sell the site.