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iPad 3 Rumors Heating Up

iPad 3 Rumors Heating Up

November 22, 2011
Three weeks after Digitimes reported that the next-generation iPad would include a Retina display and a dual LED-bar system for power, comes “somewhat plausible” confirmation. Mark Gurman from 9 To 5 Mac has been able to find code strings mentioned in the first report in existing iOS 5 code. What does this mean?
Based on code strings I have seen (shown in screenshot above), the J2 iPad mentioned in the Digitimes report is definitely an Apple device. Based on Digitimes accurately predicting the iPad 3′s codename, it seems at least somewhat plausible that the site’s attached rumors of a Retina Display and a dual LED-bar system to power this ultra-high-resolution display are accurate (or at least planned possibilities).
Typically, we haven’t trusted Digitimes’ rumors. However, in this case, perhaps they’re onto something. The third-generation iPad will likely arrive sometime next spring. We'll keep you updated.

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