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Apple Replacing First Generation iPod Nanos With Sixth-Gen Models

Apple Replacing First Generation iPod Nanos With Sixth-Gen Models

December 20, 2011
Apple has been replacing first generation iPod nanos for a while now, because the device houses a defective battery that can overheat and pose an health and safety risk. Through a worldwide replacement program, Apple fans can seek to receive a replacement iPod. However, a number of iPod owners who have registered through the program have recently received emails in which the serial number of their replacement iPod nano is that of a current sixth generation device, rather than a refurbished first generation iPod. This suggests that Apple is now sending out sixth generation iPod nanos to customers who have registered through the replacement program, presumably because stock of the first generation iPods has run out. The news reached us via MacRumors, who writes:
It now appears, however, that Apple may have run out of refurbished first-generation iPod nano units and may now be shipping out current-generation units as replacements. Several users have reported over the past few days that they have received emails acknowledging shipment of their replacement device's and checking the serial numbers of the replacement devices on Apple's support site has shown them to be sixth-generation models.
Currently, we haven't heard from iPod owners who have actually received the sixth generation device - the only indicator given is the serial number. Let us know if you've received a sixth generation iPod nano through the replacement program in the comments, and we'll keep you posted if we hear more.

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