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TinyUmbrella Gets A Bug-Fixing Update, Should Run Fine Now

TinyUmbrella Gets A Bug-Fixing Update, Should Run Fine Now

January 6, 2012
TinyUmbrella has recently received a minor update, which fixes a bug that caused the application to crash for a number of Windows users. Yesterday, we told you that TinyUmbrella now supports the iPhone 4S (running iOS 5.0.1), meaning Apple fans who own the company's fifth-generation handset can save their SHSH blobs in preparation for an upcoming jailbreak solution. However, for some Windows users the application wasn't much use: it crashed repeatedly upon launch, meaning saving SHSH blobs was out of the question. Fortunately, the application has received an update that fixes this issue. According to TinyUmbrella's developer:
Thanks to an especially determined user (@szr8) I finally squashed a nasty bug that caused Windows users’ TU to crash on startup. Apparently it was something stupid that I was doing that I thought i wasn’t doing. :) Either way. Many of you have voiced this issue but now it’s fixed. This fix affects you if TU would crash on startup with “LibraryFinder” errors in the log.
You can download the latest version of TinyUmbrella by heading over to the application's website.

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