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Now You Can Play Twister From The Convenience Of Your iOS Device

Now You Can Play Twister From The Convenience Of Your iOS Device

February 21, 2012
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Get Twisted ($0.99) by Ghostwriters Entertainment GmbH is Twister in your pocket.

For those that are somehow unfamiliar with Twister, it was a game that came out back in 1966. It was the first game that used human bodies as playing pieces, where you must have your hand or foot on a colored dot that matches the combination called out from the spinner (e.g., right hand yellow). Now, with Get Twisted, your fingers are the playing pieces.

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The initial download of Get Twisted will provide you with the Basic Version. On the iPhone, this means single player Battle Mode, and it is playable with up to four fingers. With the iPad, you get two presets, a single player mode or up to two people for multiplayer, and you can play with up to eight fingers at once.

There is the option to purchase more game modes on the iPad (Classic, Hectic, Call, Drop, Chase, and Battle), get over 10 presets, and play with up to four players via an in-app purchase of $0.99. If you think about it, it’s definitely not a bad deal at all, compared with the real Twister.

I tried the game out on my iPhone, and I found it to be a pretty fun experience, even with single player mode. On the iPhone, you will have to select how many fingers you want to play with (from two to four), and select how long you want the game to go on for. If you choose to play on the iPad, you will be able to choose between the different presets, modes (if you purchase them), fingers, play time, and players.

Gameplay itself is extremely simple. If you have ever played Twister before, then you should know what to expect. The screen will feature a 4x4 grid of colored shapes, and have a noticeable border around the screen. The border will start showing off a color once the game begins, and then it’s your job to get a finger to a square of that color. A simple tap will suffice.

If you are playing with two fingers, it’s easy and doesn’t really provide a challenge, though it is a great way to learn the basics of the game. The more fingers you play with (that didn’t sound right), the more complicated the game gets. You lose points if you end up removing your finger from a square when you aren’t supposed to. On the plus side, there are bonuses to get every now and then, such as more time, combo multipliers, and bonus points – just make sure you reach that spot in time before it disappears. When time runs out, you’ll know, thanks to that realistic looking crack on the screen. Don’t freak out – you didn’t really just break your device by having too much fun.

Get Twisted by Ghostwriters Entertainment GmbH screenshot

I only managed to try out the single player mode with the iPhone, which is already incredibly fun in short bursts or even longer play sessions. I can only imagine how much fun that the iPad version can bring to a group of people, especially if the in-app purchase is bought.

Get Twisted features Game Center leaderboards, so you can see how good you are compared with your friends. Too bad there aren’t any achievements – it would be interesting to see what crazy finger things the developers would have you do to obtain them.

The only thing I didn’t like about the game is the music – it gets tiresome after a while, especially since it doesn’t seem to change much. I had to turn the music off eventually.

Whether playing solo or in a group, Get Twisted is definitely a great game. It will also cost you much less than the original Twister.

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