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Apple Offers New Audio Bitrates In iTunes 10.6

Apple Offers New Audio Bitrates In iTunes 10.6

March 12, 2012
Apple has released iTunes 10.6 and with it, users now have the ability to select higher quality audio conversion bitrates when syncing to an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. Before this, users were restricted to using 128kbps, according to Apple Insider. Users can now down-convert audio to quality levels of 128kbps, 192kbps and 256kbps. In other words, users can save space on their iDevice and fit more music and files onto it. Currently, purchases from iTunes are encoded at 256kbps, but ripped CDs are typically coded at a higher quality bitrate of 320kbps. The new setting, according to the report:
“Would give them an option to slightly reduce the quality of those files to 256kbps when synced to a mobile device, while still retaining the higher quality 320kbps copy stored on their Mac or PC.”
The latest version of iTunes is available via the application by going to iTunes > Check for Updates or through your computer’s update function. You can also download the update from the Apple website.