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Send Your Friends On Important Missions ... Like Getting Tofu

March 4, 2012
Including the recently released and much talked-about Clear, there are scores of apps that let you make a list of things that you need or want to do. But what about the things that you need or want others to do? There's practically no dedicated app for that exact purpose. That is, until now. You could argue that that's also what the Phone and Messages stock apps are for. Just call or text the person you have to ask a favor from, and you're good to go. Either app can be effective, to be sure, but only to some extent. What if that person happens to forget what you asked him or her to do and you yourself forget to follow up with a reminder? That is what the developer of Get Tofu! says the app is for. In this respect, Get Tofu! also serves as a more straightforward alternative to sending Calendar event invitations. Get Tofu! is a different kind of to-do app for iPhone and iPod touch in that it lets you create tasks not for yourself, but for any of your contacts who have also installed the app on their devices. In the app, tasks seemingly acquire more significance by being called missions. So, every time you send out a task to someone else via Get Tofu!, it's like you're sending that person on an important mission. And what could be more important than, say, asking your mom to pick up some of your favorite tofu on her way home? [caption id="attachment_277430" align="aligncenter" width="334" caption="Mission: Accomplished!"][/caption] Of course, Get Tofu! can be used for missions other than for getting tofu. You can use it to ask your best friend to buy a pair of tickets to "John Carter" in advance, or to remind your husband on his way to the bathroom with his iPhone in hand (naturally) to put the toilet lid down when he's done with his other, more pressing "mission." Get Tofu! is now available in the App Store for free, allowing you to send a maximum of two missions daily. If you'd like the ability to send an unlimited number of missions, you can buy the full, ad-free version inside the app for $0.99.

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