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It's No Pain, No Gain In Reversed Tower Defense Game This Could Hurt

It's No Pain, No Gain In Reversed Tower Defense Game This Could Hurt

April 22, 2012
What if your position of advantage in a tower defense game were turned into one of disadvantage? Usually, in a tower defense game, you're the one in charge of defending your property, be it an actual tower or a mere lawn. But what if you were to play a reversed tower defense game, in which you were to avoid the defenses placed along your path instead of placing defenses along your enemies'? This is exactly the premise of Orange Agenda's upcoming iOS game, This Could Hurt. This Could Hurt is a 3D reversed tower defense slash platform game designed exclusively with an isometric point of view. It's said to make use of one-touch controls, which for a game occupying three dimensions is all but unheard of. In This Could Hurt, you're tasked to guide a hapless joe as he attempts to make his way around various 3D traps and deadly doohickeys like spikes and slicers. Four different worlds, including a forested land and a land covered in snow, are waiting for you to conquer with the help of power-ups. Watch the trailer below to preview some of the traps and power-ups included in the game. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Published by Chillingo, This Could Hurt is launching this summer for both iPhone and iPad. Surely, it wouldn't hurt to try this great-looking game as soon as it comes out.

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