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PodcastVideo Offers Gesture-Based Video Contols, Plus A Chance To Win A Copy

PodcastVideo Offers Gesture-Based Video Contols, Plus A Chance To Win A Copy

April 20, 2012
AppAdvice, in collaboration with Jung Disk, is giving you the chance to download a copy of the newly released PodcastVideo for free. Read on to learn more about the app and find out how you can win. PodcastVideo is developed by the same studio that made Bluetooth OnOff, the app that gathered significant attention just a few days ago for having bypassed one of Apple's app review policies. Bluetooth OnOff lets users toggle the Bluetooth function by simply opening the app, as opposed to going through the normal route of opening the Settings app, tapping General, tapping Bluetooth, and then finally toggling the Bluetooth switch. Apparently, Apple prohibits developers to directly control the Bluetooth function, and how Bluetooth OnOff came to be approved is anybody's guess. Nevertheless, the usefulness of the app is undeniable. Its less contentious sibling, PodcastVideo, is also quite useful in that it supplements another native iOS capability, video playback. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, PodcastVideo lets you play videos, particularly video podcasts, from your iTunes library in a manner that is easily customizable. It has a convenient interface, with the usual UI elements you can expect from a video player plus more. PodcastVideo has a Path-inspired button tray for controlling audio settings and orientation, among others, and a directional pad for controlling playback and speed. In addition to these, the app also supports gesture-based controls: swipe from left to right to go forward, swipe from right to left to rewind, swipe downwards to reduce speed, swipe upwards to increase speed, tap with two fingers to play or pause, and double-tap to change the aspect ratio for external display. The app also has an optional background audio playback, so you can listen to a video's audio track even when your device is on sleep mode. You can download PodcastVideo now in the App Store for only $0.99. But if you'd rather download it for free, you're in luck. We have a couple of promo codes to give away, and for a chance to win one, simply leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address) by Sunday, April 22, at 9 a.m. PST. We’ll pick the winners randomly. Good luck!

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