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Some Windows 7, 64-Bit Users Having Problems Syncing Photos From iTunes To New iPad

Some Windows 7, 64-Bit Users Having Problems Syncing Photos From iTunes To New iPad

April 24, 2012
According to a large, growing thread in Apple’s support forums, a number of users are having problems syncing photos from their computers to the new iPad via iTunes. The first message in the thread, which is now more than 11 pages long, is from user ‘Radeon 123’ on March 17, the day after the new iPad was released. While attempting to transfer 7,300 photos to a 64GB LTE iPad, the user said that iTunes converts and syncs only a handful of photos:
I also tried deleting the photo cache multiple times, restoring the iPad 3 from an iCloud backup as well as a slightly older backup through iTunes, I even reinstalled the old iTunes 10.5 and I still had the same photo sync issue… I even tried copying all 7300 photos to an external drive and syncing them from there, hoping a completely different location may work. Managed 150 odd shots before skipping the rest, this problem is completely random. Out of those shots a few were the wrong image, the thumbnail image was right but when opened full the image was from a completely different folder.
Along with the iPhone 4S, the user had no problems syncing the large amount of photos to an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, or iPad 2. Throughout the thread, users have apparently narrowed down the issue to affecting iTunes running on Windows 7, 64-bit machines. But with the fast rate of Windows 7 adoption, that possibly could be a large number of users. In the thread, a number of possible fixes have been discussed, but there seems to be no way to completely solve the issue until whatever bug is squashed in iTunes. Are you having problems syncing photos from iTunes to your new iPad? Does the large number of photos have something to do with the problem? Thanks to AppAdvice readers Bodo and Barry for letting us know about this issue.

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