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Angry Birds Land Officially Opens In Rovio's Native Land

Angry Birds Land Officially Opens In Rovio's Native Land

May 2, 2012
The first official Angry Birds-themed playgrounds have officially opened over the weekend. And there's no place more suitable for their location than Finland, the native country of Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment. Last year, some theme park organizers in China built several "real-life" Angry Birds structures that let visitors throw balls patterned after Angry Birds characters with giant catapults. But those attractions, which were in no way licensed by Rovio, were short-lived. Now, fans of the hit game franchise can look forward to a far more enduring real-world Angry Birds entertainment in the form of the world's first Angry Birds Land at Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Finland. Situated in the rides area of the popular theme park, Angry Birds Land includes an Angry Birds carousel, the Majakka lighthouse, and a rollercoaster. These rides, in which the well known likenesses of the game series' avian warriors and porcine antagonists feature prominently, are suitable for children and adults alike. In addition, a mysterious "Magic Place," where theme park patrons can download new Angry Birds content, and a number of "feature points," where visitors can play the actual video games, are expected to be erected over the summer. Officially opening on June 8, Särkänniemi's Angry Birds Land is yet another milestone in Rovio's short but already impressive history. It's no secret that Rovio desires to be the next Disney and, by all accounts, this latest development may be an indication that the company is well on its way towards reaching that great ambition.

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