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Crazy Kangaroo Hops From The App Store Outback And Into Your iDevice

Crazy Kangaroo Hops From The App Store Outback And Into Your iDevice

May 2, 2012
If not for their different developers and graphics, I'd have thought that Crazy Kangaroo was a spinoff of previous App Store Game of the Week title holder Run Roo Run. Crazy Kangaroo's backstory, as told in the launch trailer below, fits right into Run Roo Run's. Run Roo Run follows the adventures of a kangaroo as she pursues the hunters who have captured her beloved joey. Crazy Kangaroo, on the other hand, is about a kangaroo who breaks out of a smugglers' plane. Could it be that the titular escaped marsupial in Crazy Kangaroo is the same kidnapped kangaroo in Run Roo Run? If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Either way, the top-down platformer Crazy Kangaroo has the potential to be as fun and challenging as the more puzzle-driven Run Roo Run. Help Barney, the "crazy kangaroo," as he tries to make his way home. Harness the power of the tilt controls of your iPhone or iPad as you make Barney jump on and off lily pods, bushes, and floating tires in the game's three environments. Power-ups such as Sugar Rush and Multi-Score are scattered along the way to help you progress through 50 missions and accumulate points in your little kangaroo pocket. Equipped with Retina graphics, Crazy Kangaroo is available now in the App Store for $0.99. Hop on it!

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