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Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter App For iPad Introduces Music Composing to Preschoolers

Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter App For iPad Introduces Music Composing to Preschoolers

May 15, 2012
Offering further proof that iDevices can play an important role in education is the arrival of a new music app for iPad. Morton Subotnick, the author of the highly acclaimed educational CD-ROM series Making Music, announced today the availability of the $2.99 Pitch Painter. The app teaches children about music as they paint. Geared towards children 3 to 5 years old, Morton Subotnick's Pitch Painter helps youngsters compose, erase, edit, and save or load their own creations by finger painting. From there, each drawing becomes a musical creation that can be played back exactly as the children drew them, or as a normal piece of written music. Additionally, while enjoying creative play, children will experience a variety of musical instrumental sounds and authentic scale tunings from four regions of the world. According to Subotnick:
Using simple tools like blocks or finger paints a child has been able to play at just about anything but composing music. In the past, musical creative play has been limited to singing or playing rhythms on drums or other objects. Now, using Pitch Painter on an iPad, it is possible for children to play at being a composer.
Full app features include:
  • Designed for ages 3 to 5
  • Detailed instructions for parents and educators
  • Select 3 instrument sounds from each of the 4 different regions of the world
  • Hear the creation as painted using up to three fingers at one time
  • Hear as a normal piece of written music played from left to right
  • Hear how it sounds upside down, and backwards
  • Play the “canvas” in many different ways
  • “Scrub it” like a DJ
  • Erase notes easily
  • Save and load compositions
Take a look:

Download Morton Subotnick's Pitch Painter today.

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