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Viewpoints Brings The Unique Style Of A Well-Known Artist To Your iDevice

Viewpoints Brings The Unique Style Of A Well-Known Artist To Your iDevice

May 8, 2012
Georgian-born American artist David Datuna is best known in the art world for his Viewpoint of Millions series. This series is characterized mostly by portraits that feature images of famous and influential personalities filtered through clusters of optical lens. One popular example is the above piece, which is actually made up of lenses and pictures of Ayn Rand arranged so as to come up with the larger picture of Steve Jobs. The series is said to be a metaphorical exploration of cultural identity, and now you can initiate your own Viewpoint series through a special iOS app suitably called Viewpoints. Developed by the New York-based philanthropic network Global Art Group in cooperation with Datuna himself, Viewpoints lets you engage in artistic pursuits dealing with identity and subjectivity. Basically, though, it lets you mimic Datuna's distinct style, using a newly snapped photo or any of the photos in your existing collection as your starting canvas. Through the app, you can create a "Viewpoint" by cropping your chosen photo, adjusting its saturation, applying a specific style of optical lenses over it, and altering the magnification and 3D indentation of the lenses and their accompanying rims. But what good is a Viewpoint if it's not shared with others, right? To that end, you can easily channel your masterwork though email, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Posterous. “With Viewpoints, Global created a unique social experience that translates the universal language of art into a mobile format,” said Datuna. “We all view things subjectively, deciding for ourselves whether things are good or bad, beautiful or ugly. This application gives users the ability to express and share their Viewpoints throughout the world without worrying about being misunderstood.” Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Viewpoints is available now in the App Store for $1.99. What's your Viewpoint?

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