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Where's My Water? Finds Forgotten Treasure In The Lost Levels; Free Version Gets Some Summer Lovin'

Where's My Water? Finds Forgotten Treasure In The Lost Levels; Free Version Gets Some Summer Lovin'

May 18, 2012
Among the perennial chart-topping games in the App Store, Disney's Where's My Water? is probably the most frequently updated. And I'm not talking about mere bug fixes, performance improvements, and whatnot here. I'm talking about updates that actually add more content to the game. The last couple of months saw the addition of new level packs to the bestselling physics puzzler. This month is no different, as new levels have also been added to Where's My Water? as well as to its free lite version, Where's My Water? Free. If you're one of the millions of players who have purchased Where's My Water? (the paid version), you'll be delighted to learn that a new chapter called The Lost Levels is now included in your favorite game featuring Swampy the showering gator. The Lost Levels contains 20 classic puzzles originally from Where's My Water? Free: 10 levels from the Christmas-themed set 10 Days of Swampy and another 10 from the Valentine's Day-themed Hearts and Crafts. Expect more levels to be added to The Lost Levels as Disney searches for more puzzles gone astray. If you've also purchased Cranky's Story within Where's My Water, you'll be treated to more puzzles, this time featuring Cranky the gluttonous gator, in Overstuffed. The final chapter of Cranky's Story, Overstuffed comprises 20 new levels. Disney is also treating players of Where's My Water? Free with a new level pack called Days of Summer. Sponsored by Target, Days of Summer takes Swampy on a trip to the beach across 12 free levels. But wait, there's more! If you manage to collect all three rubber duckies in each level of Days of Summer, you automatically unlock five levels, dubbed Swampy's Picks, from the paid version of the game. Where's My Water? is available in the App Store for $0.99, with an optional in-app purchase for Cranky's Story set at $1.99. Where's My Water? Free is, obviously, free. Which version of Where's My Water? are you deep in? Or are you just about to dip your toe into this splashy game?

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