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Apple Applies For .apple Top-Level Domain Name

Apple Applies For .apple Top-Level Domain Name

June 13, 2012
In a bid to improve its Internet branding, Apple has applied for the .apple top-level domain name with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, also known as ICANN. According to iDownloadBlog, the domain name would go into effect in the second quarter of 2013 if approved. Top-level domains are basically an Internet naming extension like the familiar .com, .org, .net, and .edu. The process to obtain a top-level domain isn't exactly for the faint of heart. Along with the long application process, there is a $25,000 per year charge for each domain. Speaking to Slashgear, ICANN president and CEO Rod Beckstrom said the process is designed to choose only applicants who can properly operate a top-level domain.

"This is a serious technical operation to run a top-level domain, completely different from a second-level domain. For the security of the internet, you have to do this right."

After approval, companies who do run the top-level domains will have to manage trademark take-downs if brands complain. Also, ICANN can demand control of the domain back if it is not being properly run. Along with Apple, other tech companies like Google and Amazon applied for a number of domains. Google applied for more than 100, including .google and .android. Source: iDownloadBlog