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Apple Publishes iOS Security Guide For IT Professionals

Apple Publishes iOS Security Guide For IT Professionals

June 4, 2012
Apple today released a guide that outlines iOS security. Specifically geared for IT professionals that must secure networks that include iOS devices, the document was first mentioned by Macgasm. Focusing on system architecture, data protection and encryption, network security, and device access tools, the 20-page guide offers in-depth information on how professionals can secure their mobile workforce. In doing so:
iOS devices provide stringent security technology and features, and yet also are easy to use. The devices are designed to make security as transparent as possible. Many security features are enabled by default, so IT departments don’t need to perform extensive configurations. And some key features, like device encryption, are not configurable, so users cannot disable them by mistake.
As someone who once was tasked to secure a network, this document provides valuable information for professionals across multiple industries. It's great to see Apple making the guide available. Download Apple’s iOS Security guide here. Source: Macgasm