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Avocado For iPhone Designed For Couples

Designed to help couples stay better connected with each other, the Avocado for iPhone app has sprouted today. Meant to be a private space for couples to collect and share their lives, the app features fast, private messaging and customizable quicknotes to send. Users can also share photos, collect moments, and create a shared media gallery. Along with the ability to selectively share photos on Twitter as a couple, users can create shared lists that can be used for everything from a grocery store run to new date ideas. Finally, couples can build a complete archive of their relationship to relive those exciting moments. The app was designed by ex-Google employees Chris Wetherell and Jenna Bilotta, who first met while working together at the company. As for the unique name, Wetherell told TechCrunch that avocado trees only bear fruit growing near each other. The fruit also grows in pairs. The app also has a number of privacy safeguards built-in. Avocado has encryption and identity verification to protect users. Couples also need to create a shared password to connect with each other using the app. Avocado for iPhone is designed for the iPhone and iPod touch but does work on the iPad. It can be downloaded in the App Store for $1.99. Would any readers who are in a relationship use an app like this? While I think there are some interesting features, I think my wife and I will simply stick to iMessages when we need each other.
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