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What A Blessing! MacGuffin's Curse Updated With A Treasury Of New Content

What A Blessing! MacGuffin's Curse Updated With A Treasury Of New Content

June 19, 2012
MacGuffin's Curse, the only game that offers a clever combination of comedy and lycanthropy, has just been updated with loads of new content. Developed by Brawsome and published by Ayopa Games, MacGuffin's Curse is a top-down puzzle adventure game that makes use of a clever twist. Strapped for cash, the game's title character decides to rob a museum. But everything changes, or at least MacGuffin himself changes, when he happens to swipe a mysterious amulet. It turns out that the amulet is cursed, causing our thieving hero to transform into a werewolf. Now, you must guide MacGuffin across a series of puzzles. And more often than not, you need to make him switch between his human and wolf forms according to the requirements of his immediate task. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. A noticeable factor in the enjoyment of MacGuffin's Curse is its palpable wit. And to give you a taste of the brand of comedy that permeates through the game, just watch its launch trailer above. Or read this similarly humorous list of the welcome changes brought by the latest update to MacGuffin's Curse:
  • 13 lovingly hand-stitched rooms with more of the MacGuffin trademark humor and puzzles
  • 9 unique items to be fleeced for in Harvey’s shop
  • 5 side quests
  • 2 inventory items of polarizing awesomeness
  • 1 achievement of questionable copyright
  • Loads of dialogue, including new developer commentary
In celebration of this update, Brawsome and Ayopa Games have dropped the price of MacGuffin's Curse for a limited time. It is now available in the App Store for only $1.99, down from its regular price of $4.99. Update or download MacGuffin's Curse now. Or you might just suffer the curse of boredom.

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