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Expect To Stay Up All Night Playing Light The Night

Expect To Stay Up All Night Playing Light The Night

July 2, 2012
The side-scrolling endless runner Light the Night is reminiscent of Jetpack Joyride, Whale Trail, and On The Wind. But, as I see it, Light the Night possesses a certain charm that is all its own. Light the Night is the story of Darryl, a lightning bug aka firefly. While casually coasting through the air, he gets struck by lightning. Oh, no! Has Darryl met his untimely demise? Of course, not. Far from it, actually. As it turns out, lightning is of benefit to Darryl. Instead of becoming toast, he becomes super charged by it. So begins Darryl's light-powered flight through the night. As well, so begins your task of guiding him. By sliding your finger up or down the screen, you can help Darryl stay airborne across the game's beautifully designed nighttime landscape. Keep him charged by collecting light orbs or lumens. Also, you have to avoid bumping into insects and flowers — save for one, that is. Dandelions are all right, as they give Darryl various power-ups. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Like most games in the endless runner genre, Light the Night offers plenty of missions to accomplish and upgrades to unlock. Among the latter, I must point out, is an IAP-backed cosmetic change that effectively turns Darryl into everyone's favorite feline meme, Nyan Cat aka Pastry Cat. Sweet! And recently, Light the Night has received an update that adds 20 new missions, a dandelion detection upgrade, and a guaranteed revive upgrade to the game. Aside from those, the following improvements are brought by the update:
  • Dramatically improved visuals for trails
  • Custom trails for all of Darryl's looks
  • Special abilities for all of Darryl's looks
  • Accessories for some looks
  • Snow on select levels
  • Completely restructured upgrades system - No more wasted lumens!
  • Fixed restore functionality
  • Ability to buy lumens instead of just upgrades
  • Minor bug fixes
Light the Night for iPhone and Light the Night HD for iPad are both available in the App Store for free. Go ahead and download it now. Who knows? You might just end up playing it day and night.

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