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What I Eat Is A Simple And Easy Way To Track Your Eating Habits

While on my quest to lose some weight, I’ve tried more than a few calorie counting and other fitness apps. But I’ve always been turned off by the overly complex interface and usually give up after a few days. But a new app, What I Eat, tries to solve that issue by providing a simple way to track your daily eating habits. Adding information into the app is very easy. Users can add exactly what they’ve eaten on a particular time and date to save for later. The food choices can be shared with friends via Facebook or by email. Records can also be edited later. And if you eat something often, there is an autocomplete function to make entering the food in even easier. I played around with the app for a few minutes, and was pleased with what I saw. While some are consumed with eating less calories, I just want to try to eat less period. And with an app like this, I can examine my eating habits and see how to change. What I Eat is designed for the iPhone and iPod touch but is compatible with the iPad. It can be downloaded for free in the App Store. If you are looking for similar fitness apps, be sure to check out AppGuides for Weight Tracking for the iPad and Gym Companion Apps.
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