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Flavor Monsters Invades SyFy Reality TV Game Show

Flavor Monsters Invades SyFy Reality TV Game Show

September 23, 2012
Originally an iOS game, Angry Birds has long since become the basis for other kinds of media. For one thing, there have been various types of Angry Birds merchandise. For another, an Angry Birds movie is supposedly in the works. But, as far as I know, Angry Birds hasn’t been made the basis for a full makeup character in the SyFy show "Face Off." But do you know which iOS game has? Flavor Monsters. Flavor Monsters is actually a free iOS game that subtly incorporates a campaign against youth smoking being run by the advocacy group truth. In the game, you play to defeat a swarm of Flavor Monsters. These creatures are so named because they represent the added flavorings in tobacco. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. One such creature is the Strawberry Flavor Monster, who happens to have been featured in a custom vignette for "Face Off." Airing every Tuesday night on SyFy, "Face Off" is a reality TV game show that pits prosthetic makeup artists against one another as they create full makeup characters. In "Face Off," the Strawberry Flavor Monster was brought to life by special effects artist and director Rod Maxwell. And if you’re wondering who got transformed by Maxwell into the Strawberry Flavor Monster, it’s none other than truth’s tour rider and manager, Edwin Contreras. You can view his astounding scare transformation here. I must say that the result of the transformation is quite scary, which is something I probably wouldn’t say had Maxwell used an Angry Birds character instead. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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