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Apple CEO Tim Cook Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Tim Cook Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs

October 5, 2012
Today marks the first anniversary of Steve Jobs' death. Of course, we here at AppAdvice are one with the rest of the Apple community in remembrance of the late Apple co-founder and CEO. Not an hour ago, we posted a number of popular videos that pay homage to Jobs. But, as it happens, Apple itself has posted a new video that does the same. Several hours ago, the Apple Online Store was down. And now, the apparent reason behind the site's temporary unavailability is upon us: the Apple website has just been updated with a timely tribute to Jobs' memory. Currently, visitors of the Apple website's homepage are greeted with a video that recalls some of the tech visionary's best moments. In addition, finishing or closing the video reveals a message from Jobs' successor as Apple CEO, Tim Cook. The heartfelt message reads:
A message from Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. Steve’s passing one year ago today was a sad and difficult time for all of us. I hope that today everyone will reflect on his extraordinary life and the many ways he made the world a better place. One of the greatest gifts Steve gave to the world is Apple. No company has ever inspired such creativity or set such high standards for itself. Our values originated from Steve and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. We share the great privilege and responsibility of carrying his legacy into the future. I’m incredibly proud of the work we are doing, delivering products that our customers love and dreaming up new ones that will delight them down the road. It’s a wonderful tribute to Steve’s memory and everything he stood for. Tim
Click here to watch the video on the Apple website. You may also revisit Apple's "Remembering Steve" page, which itself remains a wonderful tribute to Jobs even after one year, by clicking here.

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