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Apple May Use An ‘Intimate Affair’ On Oct. 23 To Unveil The ‘iPad Mini’

Apple May Use An ‘Intimate Affair’ On Oct. 23 To Unveil The ‘iPad Mini’

October 12, 2012
Apple won’t be unveiling the “iPad Mini” on Oct. 17 like many had believed. Instead, the big reveal is likely to be held on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium, according to AllThingsD. According to report, “people familiar with Apple’s plans,” said that the event would be invitation-only and held just three days prior to the street date for Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Additionally:
More importantly, Apple’s already held its big fall event — the unveiling of the iPhone 5 and the 2012 iPod line. The company pulled out all the stops for that one … More likely that the iPad mini’s debut will be an intimate affair held close to home.
This sounds about right. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time Apple used an “intimate affair” to announce new products. The iPhone 4S, a next-generation MacBook Air, and OS X Lion, for example, were all products unveiled on the Apple campus. On Oct. 1, Fortune caused a firestorm when they suggested Apple would send out invitations to an iPad Mini event on Oct. 10. That day, of course, came and went. In the process, many began wondering whether there would be any iPad Mini event this year, or ever. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Believe me, when Oct. 10 passed, I got quite a few emails from people asking why Apple had “delayed” the iPad Mini. Cupertino did no such thing. In this case, the rumor was incorrect. We’ll know very soon whether this latest rumor is right on the mark, or not. Stay tuned. Source: AllThingsD

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