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Fire Up TapFX For Your Fill Of Photo Effects

Fire Up TapFX For Your Fill Of Photo Effects

October 1, 2012
If you’re a photo effect junkie, than TapFX is definitely designed for you. Jamed packed with more than 100 effects like color bursts, birds, butterflies, water drops, and bokeh effects, the app allows users to tap the photo elements onto any image. Each image tap places the selected elements in uniqe motions to allow for interesting photos. Users can also move, scale, and rotate effects as desired. Elements can also be placed on top of each other with opacity settings for each layer. Just like other apps from Dropico Mobile like FilterMania 2 and WowFX, TapFX doesn’t require any design skills. After just a few minutes with the app, I was easily able to place and scale numerous effects on my photos. There are also numerous filters to use on the final product for even more personalization. As a nice touch, users can also open up photos designed in TapFX in a number of other apps like Instagram, iPhoto, and Filterstorm. TapFX is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch but is compatible with the iPad. It is available in the App Store for $0.99. Unfortunately, the app isn’t compatible with the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen, but that will hopefully change with an update soon. If you're interested in other photo filter apps, take a look at our AppGuide.

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