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With Telnames, You Can Create And Maintain A Mobile Web Presence Using An iPhone

With Telnames, You Can Create And Maintain A Mobile Web Presence Using An iPhone

November 14, 2012
Mobile websites are becoming much more popular thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets. The new Telnames Mobile Website Builder app takes the guesswork out of creating and maintaining these types of sites, using an all-in-one solution for the iPhone/iPod touch. For $20.99 per year, Telnames will purchase your .tel domain, provide hosting, and allow you to create and edit a one page mobile site. Your payment can be made through an in-app purchase or through the Telnames website. This page can include a short description with a logo or profile photo, and up to 20 pieces of contact information. This includes telephone numbers, email addresses, and social and Web links. You can also add a map and address location, an offer section where you can describe your goods and services, and a photo galley containing up to five photos. You may also add a video, full business profile, and background photos specifically for computers and tablets. Best of all, you don’t need to be a technology expert to get your site up and running. Instead, Telnames sites are created using a design wizard. According to Khashayar Mahdavi, CEO of Telnames:
We believe this app changes the game by removing all the complexities involved in buying and building a mobile-ready website. From today anyone, regardless of technical ability, can get their own place online in a matter of minutes. We’ve simplified things to such an extent that you can even dictate your content and it will automatically publish it on your mobile site.
For anyone looking for an inexpensive way to create a mobile Web presence, Telnames is certainly a deal. One drawback to the app, however, is that you can’t create your website before making the purchase. I believe that this could be a big turnoff for many. Hopefully, a future app update will change this. Take a look:

Just days ago, Zapd unveiled a new version of their own website creation tool for iPhone. In Zapd's case, the service is free. Telnames Mobile Website Builder is available in the App Store. To see .tel sites already in action, click here.

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