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Ember For Mac Now Includes 'Smart Drawing' Tool And Other New Features

Ember For Mac Now Includes 'Smart Drawing' Tool And Other New Features

August 13, 2013
Ember, the digital scrapbook application for Mac, has received its first update. Version 1.1 includes a number of new tools including one called “smart drawing." First released in July, Ember allows users to store and organize images, including photos, drawings and sketches, and screenshots. Annotating those images has greatly improved with the smart drawing tool. As you draw, Ember now detects circles, rectangles and arrows, and automatically replaces the drawings with shapes. Ember 1.1 also includes:
  • Drag images straight from the Finder to Collections in your Ember library!
  • Because your GIFs need managing too, Ember is far smarter about dealing with them. GIFs + Ember + Sharing to Tumblr == Awesome
  • When you click “Full Width” in the Ember browser the width now tracks any window resizing. P.S. Did you know that you can drag and re-arrange the width of the browser?
  • Each image’s file type is now visible in the Inspector.
  • Lots of other small fixes and tweaks to ensure your Ember experience is as smooth as possible.
For more information on Ember, take a look at Christine Chan's original review. The $49.99 Ember application is available now in the Mac App Store. Other Realmac Software titles include Clear for iOS ($2.99), and Clear for Mac ($9.99).

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