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TNT Master mixes Jenga with explosives

TNT Master mixes Jenga with explosives

Pocket Gaming
March 17, 2015

If you love Jenga and blowing things up, TNT Master might be the game for you. This destructive game challenges you to place explosives in such a way that you knock down all of the structures in one chain of explosions. You will need logic, patience, and precise timing to solve the puzzles and become the king of demolition.

We always believed in intelligence superiority over brute force. And that’s why in a unique game TNT Master you will be able to destroy structures by setting bombs of various times, and timing the explosion properly – in a word, by thinking!

TNT Master features three different types of explosives with 80 different levels. The goal of each level is to, well, level all of the structures with a chain of precisely placed and timed explosives. If you complete all 80 levels, you can call yourself a demolition expert.

To make things even more challenging, some levels include items that you are expected to leave unharmed. This adds an element of danger to the game that requires even stronger logic, intelligent placement of your explosives, and impeccable timing.

TNT Master is currently free on the App Store, but the game normally costs $1.99. The game also includes in-app purchases to skip levels and place super bombs.

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