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Can you help Tungoo leap into space to save his friends?

Can you help Tungoo leap into space to save his friends?

Pocket Gaming
June 26, 2015

Something terrible has happened: Tungoo’s friends and family have been abducted by aliens, and only he can save them. That’s the premise behind Tungoo, a jump and lick vertical platform game that recently bounced onto the App Store.


Set in a lush forest, Tungoo’s adventure starts on the ground and ends as far up as you can float him, even into the reaches of space. By flicking your tongue out at bubbles and flying insects, you have to make your way to soaring heights and into space in order to rescue your kidnapped friends.


The game features gorgeous graphics and relaxing background music, perfect to set the mood for your bubble bursting, high flying adventure. Tungoo features in-game challenges that help you earn cash to buy gear, or get a boost high up into the sky to reach space faster. All told, the game has more than 190 challenges to complete.


In the game’s unique marketplace, you can unlock and purchase more than 100 pieces of gear to improve your frog’s stats and appearance. The game saves your progress to iCloud, so you can start playing on your iPhone on the train and then pick up where you left off on your iPad when you get home.


If you’re tired of the normal vertical platformers where all you do is jump or dive, Tungoo is definitely a refreshing change of pace. Tungoo challenges you to navigate carefully, timing your movements just right. Yes, the bubbles help you float higher, but if you run out of gas and can’t find a tree branch to land on, you plummet to your death and it’s game over.


Tungoo costs $0.99 on the App Store, with in-app purchases to buy BugBucks for use in the marketplace. The game requires iOS 8 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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