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Repackaged iPhone 3GS Ready for June 24th

While many are anxiously awaiting the launch of the iPhone 4 on June 24th, others are waiting on the new reduced price of the iPhone 3GS. As we see from this photos, Apple is also getting ready for it's launch by doing a slight refresh.

Scott Grizzle

Review: Qik Video Camera Pro

Want to add effects to your videos in real-time? How about uploading them to multiple different social networks to share with friends? Qik Video Camera Pro has you covered.

Robb Lewis

Review: GuitarToolkit

If you are a guitar player or play nearly any stringed instrument, this app just might be the "must have" app that you didn't know existed. Read on to find out how GuitarToolkit easily replaces over $100 worth of music tools with a $10 iPhone app!

Hayden Wreyford

Review: NDrive

NDrive brings another great navigation app to the iPhone and iPod Touch, but also lets you have your trip itinerary right on your phone, easy to access at all times.

William Douglas

Review: Mall Maps - You Are Here

Shop at with ease with Mall Maps - You Are Here. Never again will you have to spend hours walking around your local mall trying to find a store you need. This shopping companion will make your holiday shopping as stress free as possible.

William Douglas

Review: Food Scanner

Food Scanner is the perfect app for those who are health conscious and want to keep track of what they eat. Food Scanner can scan barcodes for easy tracking, but does it work as well as it should? Read on to find out.

William Douglas

Review: Alarm Clock Pro

Alarm Clock Pro adds to the free version the ability to wake up to the sound of your own music. Find out if it makes for a worthy replacement to the built in alarm clock.

Nikhil Perumbeti

Review: I Am T-Pain

With this auto-tuning karaoke app you can be just like T-Pain except for all of the millions of dollars. Some how its all still worth it.

Erik Wallace

Review: Tweetie 2

Tweetie 2 is the successor to the enormously successful Tweetie from developer Atebits. It's been completely re-written and includes tons of great new features, but is it worth three double cheeseburgers?

Nikhil Perumbeti

Review: CoPilot Live

CoPilot Live offers a less expensive alternative to current App Store navigation apps, but the lack of standard iPhone user interface elements or intuitive menus is glaring and possibly a deal-breaker.

Hayden Wreyford

Review: Lyrics+

Lyrics+ is a convenient app that finds song lyrics for you. It even integrates with your iPod library to play songs and display their lyrics. It sounds handy, but is it worth the $2 price tag? Read on to find out!

Hayden Wreyford