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action rpg

New Action RPG To Hit iPhone And iPad On August 18

Former lead programmer of Bioware, Tobyn Manthrope, is bringing an action RPG to the App Store on Thursday, it's called Emissary of War. The game will feature a top-down perspective and will put you in the role of a barbarian named Ghent.

Mike Lata

Pocket RPG Now Available For iPad

Pocket RPG is played from a top-down perspective and offers gorgeous 3D visuals. The gameplay mechanic revolves around exploring dungeons and battling monsters along the way. There is plenty of loot to collect and various skills to unlock as well.

Mike Lata

Recently Released RPG Fantastic Knight Updated

Hack and slash your way to victory in the latest action-RPG title to hit the App Store called Fantastic Knight. The game has recently been updated with added visual flair and an included worldmap. Gamers that like customization, challenging combat, and exploration should find Fantastic Knight a welcome addition.

Mike Lata

Quest Runner is a casual action adventure RPG, where you take on the role of a junior quest runner, in the town of Torma. As a quest runner, it’s your job to accept whatever tasks the townspeople may have for you, from appeasing an angry female boar with diamond earrings to defeating a giant squid in socks.

Juli Clover