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AppAdvice Jr: Finer Finger Painting Apps

Playing with finger paints is one of the hallmarks of being a kid. Of course, the hallmark of a parent is always needing to clean up after the finger painting. Luckily, there’s an app or two that can help lend a hand.

Sean Capelle
AppAdvice Jr: The Best Apps To Discuss Bullying

Unfortunately, it’s a cold and hard fact of life that the ignorance is a deeply entrenched aspect of the human condition. That doesn’t mean that you have to let your child doubt whether or not he or she wants to go to school each day

Sean Capelle
AppAdvice Jr: Best Book Apps For Kids

With so many apps available, trying to find the right one for your kids can be overwhelming. I’m making it my job to find the best apps to help your children become better 21st century learners and citizens (and gamers).

Sean Capelle