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New AppGuide: Asteroids For iPad

Asteroids is a classic Atari arcade game released in 1979. The concept is simple: you shoot asteroids with your ship to survive. Through the years we have seen new iterations and versions of the classic game. The iPad has plenty of versions from which to choose. We compare the best ones in this AppGuide.

Tim Chaten

Holy Flashback! Atari’s Greatest Hits Comes To iOS

If you were born after 1970, this may be ancient history, but once upon a time, Atari was the king of arcade gaming. Now that Atari's Greatest Hit's is on the App Store, do the iconic games stand the test of time? And, do they adapt well to a touchscreen interface?

Staff Writer

Review: Smasheroid - Get Your Rocks Off

Not enough games let you play as rocks! Our igneous friends are often relegated as ammo for weapons, or as obstacles in games. Smasheroid alleviates this imbalance, by giving rocks the right to do what they do best : Smash stuff!!

Allan Curtis